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Care of Fleet Post Office
San Francisco, California,
21 October 1945.


Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute,
Care of Commander Submarines, Atlantic Fleet
U.S. Submarine Base,
New London, Connecticut.


I am enclosing two posters which I removed from the doors
of the University of Tokyo Oceanographic Institute
while units of this command were engaged in demilitarizing
numerous midget submarines located in the area. I thought
that it might be of interest to you to realize that your fame
had spread even to enemy territory.

This station is located at Moroisi Ko on Sagami Wan.

Am enclosing some photographs of these posters which
I would appreciate if you sent to the other activities named
since I do not have their addresses.


Very truly yours,


Captain, U.S. Navy
Commander Submarine Squadron Two

LSP/wf Encl.